Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly -- 2009 NFL Week 1


Week 1 Update...
The Good: Cowboys (Romo and WRs look super...gotta love the Bucs DBs -- where is "Toast" Patterson?); Saints (How good was it to have the Lions week 1, Drew?); Vikings (Adrian Peterson is a BEAST!...one of the most impressive group of stiff arms I have ever seen on his TD run); Eagles (Just have to come after the 'boys -- too bad they can't play Jake D. every week...no McNabb could spell trouble); Steelers (No running game, but Big Ben comes through, as usual); Ravens (Looks like Flacco is going to be even better...a dangerous team); Jets (Just dispatched what was supposed to be a good offense...if Buddy Jr keeps the "D" playing like this, it could be a big year for the J-E-T-S...Jets, Jets, Jets!); Brandon Stokely (Don't know if it is good, as much as it is lucky...but he has play 2nd best play of the year, so far -- AP's run is 1st)

The Bad: Bucs (From week 16 last year --"D"...as in "disappear" since Kiffin announcement); Bills (Good teams find ways to win...bad teams find ways to lose, typically); Raiders (See last statement...but they will be better this year than most think -- just not now); Lions (Wellllll, they scored 27 points against a generally bad "D" team -- Stafford 0 TDs, 3 picks...hmmm, but gave up 45...to Drew no less. It will be another long year for this team); Bungles (Don't think any team is going to win many games scoring 7 pts...in last 30 seconds...even if they lost it on a miracle deflection); Bears (Bad...Cutler, multiple picks...hahahahahahaha -- bad luck...lose Urclacher. This team could go from decent to bad, quickly); Note to the Lions...let Mr. Stafford carry the clipboard this year...he is going to get messed up -- remember Joey Harrington?

The Ugly: Panthers (I dunno...1 TD, 9 picks and 3 fumbles in your last two games -- I like Jake D., but even "manning up" isn't going to save him or the team if he keeps playing like this); Lambs (Picking up where they left off last year...no "O" -- oh my); Dolphins, Texans (See first part of Bungles description); Message to Leodis McKelvin (Bills) -- take a knee, man...take a knee!

Super Bowl: Vikings vs. Ravens
Stupor Bowl: Lambs vs. Texans


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