Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brit's Faith


Brit Hume of Fox News spoke out recently in order to encourage Tiger Woods to seek Jesus, and that he would find answers for his life situation. This is true, certainly, in multiple respects. He also shared that Jesus would offer him something that Buddhism would not. I am not going offer comment on all that was said or not said or could have been said differently by Mr. Hume...the subject has been hashed and rehashed in the media. Two thoughts, though -- Brit Hume has been ripped by many in the media for what he has said, and this unfortunate, but not surprising. Once again, we can see that "the world" currently is tolerant of any religious views proposed or defended by certain individuals...except for Christianity, of course. The second thought is to offer praise to Mr. Hume for being willing to take a stand for the Lord...in a public forum. He probably knew it would bring persecution, which it did, but I hope that this whole situation will help him continue to grow in his faith (see Matthew 5:11-12). He sets a good example for all who believe. Kudos to him, Colt McCoy, Tim Tebow, and others who are not afraid to speak openly about their faith in Christ...something that was a regular occurrence just a few short decades ago, but now is taboo. Blessings,


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