Monday, January 4, 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly -- 2009 NFL Week 17


Week 17 Update...
The Good: Cowboys ("D" has two shutouts in a row of division opponents...good time to be peaking); Chargers (11 wins in a row); Pats (No Welker is going to hurt in the playoffs); Vikings (Sliding Giants are good medicine); Packers (Whip the Cards in round 1...we'll see how they do in round 2 -- I say they will win again); Panthers (Tell me again...why wasn't Matt Moore the starting QB all year?); Texans (4 wins in a row to close...too little too late); Jamaal Charles (Runs all over the Donkeys); Amanda Banana Girl (FFL Champ)

The Bad: Eagles (Always love it when I can put them on the "bad list"...hope we can keep them here for one more game); Colts (Coasting into the playoffs -- will it work? Probably); Saints (Unlike the coasting Colts, the Saints are just plain struggling...need to get back to establishing the run); Bills (Benefit from the coasting Colts, but are looking for a new coach...again -- can Marv Levy come back?); Donkeys (Strong "D'" early in the season was leaky as a 40 year old roof...late); Seahawks (Too many injuries...)

The Ugly: J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets (The only reason they are here is for winning ugly...two games they probably would have lost under different circumstances -- great "D" and RB's however); Giants (Have earned a trip to "ugly" thanks to a non-existent "D"...funny, this was supposed to be the best "D" front of all time); Bengals (Rolled over like a opossum vs the Jets); Skinned (Looks like Shanny, presumably, will have his work cut out for him); Lambs (Say hello to Suh); Lions (Maybe Matt can play the whole season next year...and the Lions can double their wins to 4); "Commitment to Excellence" Team (A once proud is pathetic)

The Strange Development Award: Three back-to-backs in this week's playoffs -- Cowboys/Eagles, Packers/Cards, Jets/Bengals all play each other for the second week in a row

Super Bowl: Cowboys vs. Chargers
Stupor Bowl: Lambs vs. Rudders


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