Friday, May 14, 2010

Is It Good To Be King?


Well, LeBron didn't get it done...and he owes the whole world an apology. At least, that is what you would think given all of the talk by the sports talking-heads and other media. I just don't know how on earth LeBron or anyone could carry an underachieving team with an inferior coach against a veteran team like the Celtics playing like they were all in their prime. It was and is just too much pressure -- an improbable task. He is THE KING, though...he is supposed to carry the Cavaliers, the city of Cleveland, as well as the NBA. On top of this, he is supposed to erase the thoughts of Michael Jordan being the greatest basketball player of all time...all at 25 years of age. A lot of people want him to be the savior of Cleveland sports, but it is time for LeBron to remove the millstone from around his neck and move on -- he needs a fresh start in a different place. Yet, he could very well get a new coach, as someone will have to take the fall for the Cavs failures over the past three seasons...and it will probably be Mike Brown. This might be enough to entice him to stick around, but only if he gets the guy that he wants. Nevertheless, the pressure will be on him no matter where he goes...let's just hope that he is able to make it his servant instead of his master. We'll see what happens with King James and which court he will reign in the coming months...and rest assured, it will continue to be the one lingering sports story that will outgrow whether or not Brett Favre will play another year. :-)


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