Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Running Out of Control


It has been awhile since I have done a sports message...so, today I am going to attempt the usually dangerous move of combining sports with spirituality, as well as politics -- yikes! Last evening, at a Philadelphia Phillies baseball game, a young man leaped out of the stands and decided to set himself up for a Youtube spectacle. Twice, he ran completely around the outfield, disregarding calls from security police to head back into the stands. Finally, an officer chasing him got close enough to taser him. Of course there has been some public outcry about this event, but all I can say is -- the security needed to do what they had to do. Several years ago, a father and son went on to a ball field and beat up a coach for the Kansas City Royals. We have become such an enabling society that any number of matters with regard to the law and common sense have gotten completely out of control. It is time for authorities to attempt to regain some peace and dignity. In some situations, for criminal mischief and trespass, officers have had to shoot to kill...and these are very unfortunate circumstances. So, for the young man who committed this act, getting tasered is probably going to be the least of his problems. Perhaps, it will go some ways toward keeping other dingbats from disrupting baseball proceedings for the other 45, 000 or so paying customers who came to watch a game and not see it disrupted for ten minutes. I am sure that the occasional fan running around on the field is "haha" to some folks, but...we live in a different world now, where the threat of terrorism runs high. And, I am also sure that it would be difficult for any young father or mother to explain to any 10 or under child, why the officers had to act the way that they did in order to stop this lawbreaker. So, perhaps the tasering incident will send a message to any future would be trespassers that...they will think twice before behaving is such a way.

On a lighter and much more ironic note, it was amazing to see the two wild deer bust through the front doors of a sports bar near Milwaukee, Wisconsin...and when? Why...during the NBA's Milwaukee Bucks and Atlanta Hawks game seven of their series on Sunday. Of course, this sets up for a lot of humor. Did the deer want to get a close up view to watch their favorite team??? Had they heard of the new "fear the deer" slogan for the Bucks and just wanted to provide a living illustration of it??? The workers tried to cordon off the deer in order to keep them from doing maximum damage, and one of them actually tackles one of the deer. I am sure that he will be getting a letter from PETA. :-) This breaking and entering was surely just a random incident, and I am sure that the deer did not get cited for trespassing (as did the young man above), in fact, the deer escaped out the back into the woods. Nevertheless, the video is pretty amazing...here it is -- http://abcnews.go.com/US/video/deer-break-into-wisconsin-bar-10550453

Finally, in watching recent news reports, I am disgusted that the leaders of the good state of Arizona are being demonized by many from their own in state and others outside of their state by voting unanimously to enforce national immigration laws that are already in place...in order to slow down the number of illegal aliens that are entering the country. This is a bold and good move, as the lack of enforcement for many years is having some serious, negative ramifications, not only in Arizona, but in many other places.

We have become a nation that has swung too far on the pendulum toward enablement and entitlement. My own experiences in dealing with benevolence cases has changed over the past few years. More and more people come and do not ask, but practicially demand to be taken care of, as if it is somehow our job...as a church...to be certain that their needs are met. The attitude of some of these people is disturbing, but not altogether surprising. (Apparently, beggars CAN be choosers -- sorry, a little bit of poor humor). And instead of helping them become responsible citizens, many times, we have just contributed to their problem. And, it is going to continue to get worse, if we do not begin to reign in some matters that have become "out of control." If not, how long before many of our towns and cities are in complete anarchy, because we have allowed those entitled...not by our laws, but lack of enforcement...to take control? We, who are believers, have a spiritual responsibilty to be good stewards, not just with the resources that we have, but in relationship to people themselves. Just some thoughts.


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