Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pitcher Perfect


What a great day for a perfect game...it's Mother's Day and you have been in the news for some less than good reasons. Welcome to Oakland A's pitcher, Dallas Braden's world. Braden did, indeed, pitch only the 19th perfect game in the history of Major League Baseball. A perfect game is when a pitcher gets out all 27 batters he faces without giving up even a walk...if there is a walk, then it is just merely a no-hitter (which is downright impressive in its own right :-). When you consider the countless innings that have been racked up by pitchers for over a hundred years, "19" is some pretty elite company. The funny thing is it is the second perfect game in two years...and a question has to be raised -- what is up with the Tampa Bay Rays? They have been the victims of both perfect games the past two years...the first one being at the hands of Mark Buehrle of the Chicago White Sox on July 23rd last year. The irony is that they have been one of the top three teams in baseball this year. Nonethless, after the final out, the usual pandemonium broke out from the dugout and on the diamond as his teammates mobbed him. It was aspecial moment for Braden and his grandmother who was there to witness the spectacular feat. Braden's mother passed away some years ago, so he was raised by his grandmother who, in a poignant moment, was able to share a big hug with her grandson after the game.

As eluded to earlier, this was not the first time that Dallas Braden has been in the news. He became Sportscenter news a few weeks ago when he erupted because Alex Rodriguez ran across the pitcher's mound on his way from third to first base in a game. Mr. Braden thought it was a breach of baseball etiquette to cross the mound during a game and called him on the table for it. (An observation and a bit of facetiousness is in order -- THE Alex Rodriguez? I can hardly believe that he would be in the center of a controversy ;-). Nonetheless, there were words exchanged and I guess both made their point, but Dallas continue to belabor the incident to the media up until the end of last week. At that point, the event was old news and the talking heads were saying -- it's time to move on. Well, I guess he did! He moved on and moved in to some elite company. Well done, Mr. Braden...it must feel better to be in the news for something much more positive.


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