Monday, October 18, 2010

Into the Light


Some thoughts for my friend, Jim, :-) and anyone else that may be blessed... At this point, you are aware of the rescue of the 33 Chilean miners who had been trapped for 70 days about a mile underground. It has been a joy to see the footage of the reunions and just to know that these men who could very easily have perished far underground are now safe above ground. It has also been interesting to hear and read some the parallels that have come about as the result of this story. How similar is this experience to our own experience in coming from the darkness and into the light? It is hard not to see how God can use this event in this way. It is interesting that it took a steel encased tube to be the conduit by which rescuers could lift up these men out of the ground and back to safety. In a like way, Jesus is our "conduit" who leads us out of the darkness and into the Light. It was hard not to notice the miners' sunshades provided to protect their eyes. To come from such darkness as the depths of the earth into the light of the sun would be an incredibly bright prospect, indeed. Jesus Christ was lifted up on a cross so that we could come out of the darkness of this world and into the marvelous light of His life. I am sure that for many, the transition from the world to the Light is at first blinding, but as we get accustomed to seeing with spiritual sight, we are able to "see" the darkness for what it is...and appreciate and enjoy the Light of Him who came to rescue us.


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