Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rangers' First World Series


It has to be a dream come true for two groups of people that the Texas Rangers have reached their first World Series...die-hard Rangers fans who have waited for 39 years for their team to finally arrive, as well as the Dallas Cowboys, who have to be pleased that the Rangers are taking a lot of attention away from them and their underachieving season. In fact, I think Jerry and Co. should send a big thank you note to Nolan and Co. signed by all in the Cowboys organization. ;-) But, is a wonderful things that the Rangers have left the short list of team never to play in a World Series...with the Seattle Mariners and the Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos being the only other teams not to make the big stage. So, as a lifelong Mariners fan before I moved to Texas, and now a die hard Rangers has to know how painful a baseball journey it has been for yours truly, and how much of a joy it is to see Texas arrive at baseball's pinnacle series.

Now, the wait is is show time! The Rangers will play the San Francisco Giants, a team that has not been to the World Series since 2002 in the middle of the Barry Bonds era. It should be an interseting matchup between a power pitching team (Giants) and the power hitting Rangers. The old adage is that good pitching will always beat good hitting, but those people didn't play the 2010 Rangers who have been just tearing the cover off the ball in the postseason. I will say this...if the Giants pitch like the Yankees, this will be a short series in favor of the Rangers. If they pitch well, I still like the Rangers' pitching ace in the hole, Cliff Lee to carry them to their first World Series title. It may take six or seven games, but I do like the intangibles of Nolan's group. They have an awful lot of momentum and team spirit right now. As I mentioned in a recent blog, it is hard not to credit the dramatic and positive influence that Josh Hamilton has been on this team's success. Josh has an incredible story...and what a story book finish it will be if he can do his part to help lead Texas to the baseball promised land. Go Rangers!


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