Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Rangers Do Things the Right Way


There is a pleasing story running on AOL Fanhouse concerning the Rangers. The Rangers celebrated their ALDS clinching win with Ginger Ale instead of champagne, so as not to cause teammate Josh Hamilton stumble. (He has battled substance abuse in his past). Rather than ask for heads to roll when people make mistakes, as would many leaders and organizations in our pragmatic society, the Rangers organization chose to help Hamilton and Manager Ron Washington through their struggles this past year. the ALCS opportunity as much about blessing as talent and strategy? Some may laugh, but one has to wonder... Yet, I will say this -- God rewards those who try to things the right way, and from all appearances, Nolan Ryan and the Texas Rangers baseball club are setting a good standard for other clubs and businesses to follow. We need more people today to show that it is not all about #1, but that selflessness and service are a route to blessing others...and as the result, blessings flow back.


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