Friday, January 14, 2011

An Observation


A rare venture into the political realm...not necessarily to make a statement, but to appreciate the wisdom of a friend -- An observation concerning the potent message..."If guns kill people, then pencils misspell words, cars drive drunk, and spoons make people fat"...this, in reference to the belief that there should not be stricter gun laws and that people be held accountable for their actions -- this all may be true...but, as one friend astutely recognized...pencils have erasers, guns do not...



Ken P said...

I do feel that laws should be stricter on gun violations.I also feel negligence in the home should be dealt with.It is each parents responsibility to raise a child to value human life...To not take it without great care and respect.It should make one sorrowful to take a life.Never-the- less, sometimes, life should be taken to keep others safe. It is proven that taking guns away does not stop the violence, human animals will kill with knives and clubs,even with bare hands.Taking our guns is just a band-aid for a festering ,gangrene wound. Until the caregivers of our children are held responsible for their civil and Christian based morals, monsters will be raised to hurt and kill fellow human beings...Off the soap box...Taking guns away from law abiding Americans is a mistake, it encourages animalistic predators to become more bold with would be victims.You don't really think bad people will turn in their guns do you? Our forefathers were smart enough to foresee that a government might go bad.They experienced it. Arms in the peoples hands detours total tyranny by a government.Checks and balance.To say "no guns is a pre-maintenance" to stop gun violence is a premature statement.It won't stop the bad guys, it only emboldens them.It won't detour the government
from taking more and more control of our nation,it will only speed it up.The deterrent of retaliation with modern weapons will almost not exist,certainly make it easier to snuff out rebellion...Strong words...but it has happened in the past to us..It is defiantly happening in other countries now. The ones in power are the only ones with the modern weapons.If a government is just and carries out justice,it need not fear the people.Quick, decisive justice would take care of gun violations...probubly 90%...the other 10% could be even less with proper education and accountability...just speaking my Ken

1 Middle Man said...

I agree with you, Ken...thank you for your thoughts. :-) Blessings, Don