Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Aqueduct


John H. Morgan says that our life in Christ can be compared to an aqueduct, the stone waterways that would bring water from nearby mountains into parched cities in Italy and Spain and are still is use in some countries today. The objective foundation of our spiritual lives -- the Word of God -- is like the huge, stone aqueduct itself. The subjective element -- our daily walk with the Lord, empowered by His Spirit -- is like the fresh water flowing through it. Some Christians neglect the Word of God and seek only the subjective experience. But, without the solid Word of God to contain and channel that experience, the experience itself drains away into error and is lost. Other Christians boast of well-engineered aqueducts based on extensive knowledge of the Bible, but they are bone dry. They bring no water (spiritual refreshment). Strong spiritual lives require both the knowledge of the Word of God and the intimate daily relationship with Jesus Christ.

Sounds like a smart fellow. I wonder if he has read John 4:24? Blessings, :-)


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