Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Making Melody to the Max


I always enjoy the opportunity to go to workshops and lectureships in order to be encouraged, stretched and to grow. Our family enjoyed the ACU Summit the past two days. The speakers are generally good, but what stands out to our family is the singing when the large group is gathered together. I don't know if it the nice round, acoustically blessed coliseum, the sheer numbers, or what (?), but the Spirit moves the spirits of those who are there to make tremendous melody to the Lord. I thought on the way home...we should just bring as many outsiders to such an event as possible, just so they could experience the pure power and beauty of the singing alone, not to mention the good messages. Perhaps, this is just a little bit of what heaven will be like...we know that we are going to sing -- praise the Lord. Blessings,


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