Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Case for the Race


Somebody tell me...aside from the Olympics, when was the last time that the 100 meter dash had any meaning on the international stage? I didn't think so -- I can't remember either. :-) It was probably when it was the 100 yard dash. And yet, here we are a couple of weeks after the Olympics and sports commentators and anchors have actually been giving us information on a a 1oo meter race in Europe between Asafa Powell and Usain Bolt, the two big Jamaican stars from the Olympics. Bolt had to actually come from behind to beat Powell and did so in 9.77 seconds (which is still amazing). Understand that normally, if Usain Bolt had not been the 2nd biggest sensation at the Olympics, this event in Switzerland (I believe) wouldn't even be a blip on the sports radar...but have a guy break three world records, and what do you get? Coverage. The next thing you know, we are all actually going to have sports coverage and even care about the next big swimming event ;-). Blessings,


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