Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pitching Giants


Even as little as a year ago, I would not have been able to conceive of writing the message I am about to write. I have never been a fan of the San Francisco Giants major league baseball team...especially when BB was on board -- not too hot on the city itself, either. But...everything changed throughout the course of last season and in the off-season. The Giants picked up my all-time favorite pitcher in the off season...Randy Johnson -- he of Mariners fame. They needed him to go along with stalwart, if not slow starter, Barry Zito, young Matt Cain...and the Freak -- Tim Lincecum. You absolutely have to love this young man from Washington. He has been nothing short of spectacular since vaulting to the big leagues a couple of years ago. He is under 6 feet tall and probably 160 pounds, soaking wet...but, boy can he bring it. He won the Cy Young award as the National League's best pitcher last season. Johnson has been around since shortly after the parting of the Red Sea...and has won a handful of Cy Youngs over the years. He is a cinch first ballot hall-of-famer. He can help give some advice to this young pitching staff...sans Zito. In fact, he was replaced in the starting rotation recently by Jonathan Sanchez, because he had to go on the 15 day disabled list with a sore shoulder. I mean, the guy is 45 years old, which is Methuselah for a mlb starting pitcher...or, make that Noah -- Jamie Moyer of the Phillies, who will be 47 this year, is Methuselah. :-) Sanchez had been sent to the bullpen recently because of starting struggles this year, going 2-8 and a high ERA. So, when he came back to start for the first time in awhile last night, all he did was settle in and pitch a no-hitter! Pretty amazing. It was the first Giants no no since 1976 with John "the Count" Montefusco (and I remember him well...guess that certainly dates me, eh?). hard as I hate to admit it, I guess I have become something of a Giants fan this least of the pitching staff. Here's hoping they finish well. And don't ever get this confused with the New York football Giants...never...NEVER will I root for them. :-) Blessings,


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