Friday, July 3, 2009

Sports Dynasties...Thumbs Down


And this is why, in large part, I will always prefer the NFL over MLB or the NBA. God bless parity! Ron Artest to the Lakers...Shaq-n'-roll to the Cavaliers. We know who is going to reign over the NBA next year...count 'em on 1 hand -- Lakers, Cavaliers, Spurs, Magic and Celtics... and the Yanks, Red Sox, Angels, Dodgers, Mets in the majors. Do we sense a theme here? Mostly large markets, for sure, but it these are the teams that the NBA and MLB market to succeed.

This is what makes the NFL so interesting...we can have the Cardinals, yes, THE CARDINALS (not St. Louie, but the NFL Phoenix, AZ variety) in the Super Bowl. While it is true that the Patriots, Steelers, Cowboys, Eagles and Giants will all be tough, again, we never know when a team like the Bears, Saints, Dolphins or some such could get hot and make a run for the Super Bowl. Such is not likely going to happen for the KC Royals, Sacramento Kings, Golden State Warriors, or Milwaukee Brewers. Can't wait for the NFL...just around the corner. Oh, and yes, I hope Favre comes back and plays for the Vikings. I know that I am seriously in the minority, but he is such a gamer and a future first ballot hall-of-famer. We may never see another player like him for a generation or more. I like the guy...will always be a fan and root for any team he plays for. In addition...bring on fantasy football! :-) Blessings,


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