Monday, July 6, 2009

Who's #1?


I have to say that it is Roger tennis -- all time. There are some who would diminish his accomplishments, saying that he has beaten inferior competition compared to Borg or Sampras. How can one discern this? I am not smart enough to do so. All I know is that he had an epic battle that he lost by a sliver to Nadal at Wimbledon last year -- his first finals defeat after winning five men's championships. We can't take away from Federer the fact the Nadal got hurt and was unable to play in this Wimbledon. These things happen...they are a part of the game. Federer just won another huge, all-time type of a battle with an exceptionally game Andy Roddick of the USA at this year's Wimbledon for his 15th major championship. (It was great to see Roddick play so well, by the way). Fifteen gives Federer one more than Sampras, and four more than Borg or Laver. I know that nostalgia buffs are going to say Laver or Borg..and an excellent case could be made for either of these champions...or Sampras, for that matter. It was very cool that all three -- Laver, Borg and Sampras -- were on hand for Roger's triumph...a very nice gesture.

There can be no doubt that Serena and Venus Williams are the number 1 and 2 women's players in the world at this point in time. I don't know what the deal is with tennis rankings, but it must be worse than the NCAA's BCS...which would be hard to believe. The women's rankings have had Dinara Safina #1 -- she who has never won a major championship...and who was just annihilated one and luv by Venus in the Wimbledon semis. It's time for a new points system. If the Williams sisters ladies continue to play at this level for a few more years, they may very well be spoken of in the same breath as Chris Evert, Steffi Graf and (ugh) Martina Navratilova -- in fact, they probably already should be. Congrats to Serena and Venus! Blessings,


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