Friday, July 10, 2009

Swimming Pools


Ahhh, summer time – hot weather, pop sickles, long days and swimming pools. Over the years, we have had our share of swimming pools for the cooling off of the family. I believe we have gone through 3 of the 12-14 foot variety of pools that expand as you fill them. :-) At our home in Grandview, we would set up the pools on the patio below, down by the basement of our tri-level house. One such pool we had set up had worked for a few months, which was a record, I believe. One day, I was sitting in the family room downstairs while the kids were swimming, when all of the sudden, a two foot wall of water comes right at the French doors. Emily had been doing one of our favorite pool past times…running around making a whirlpool, when her foot went right through the horizontal seam at the bottom. This wall of water wasted no time in finding its way into the basement and was roaring out of our yard toward our neighbor, Mrs. Green’s yard, and would soon inundate her basement. We quickly set up some barriers from our yard through the fence and into her yard with some wooden beams and foam floaters from the pool...and funneled the water around her house and down her driveway. Whew! Well…what are you gonna do? Nothing like a little panic to get the old blood pressure up a bit. ;-) We turned that pool into the company, and they gave us the obligatory aplogy a new pool and away we would go again! Such fun! Just thought this would be a good story to share, as it is 105 degrees the shade. Blessings,


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