Tuesday, April 20, 2010

And With the First Pick...


In a couple of days, the NFL will have this year's version of the draft. There has been the usual two month run up to this event that began right after the Super Bowl. I mean, how much Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay speculation do we really need? It is a terrific example of overkill. But, everyone's favorite sports network keeps finding different angles to explore, so...we are kept up to speed with "all draft...all the time." :-) This year the big talk is whether the Rams will take QB Sam Bradford or DL Ndamukong Suh. I think the Rams are making a mistake to take Bradford #1...too risky of a move, given his fragility this past football season, as well as the boon or bust nature of #1 QB picks over the years. If Sam couldn't handle the hits of Big 12 linemen, what is he going to do when Jared Allen or DeMarcus Ware is breathing down his neck threatening to turn him into turf pizza? I like Bradford and I hope he has a wonderful career, but I believe that Suh is going to be far better in relationship to his position than Bradford is going to be in his. Some are saying that Suh will be the next Reggie White...and if this is true, then it would be a no-brainer -- take Suh and get a good QB later. Besides, how many QBs that come in later rounds turn out to be the best of the lot -- it could be Cincinnati's Tony Pike, Central Michigan's Dan LaFevour or Stephenville's own Jevan Snead via Ole Miss this year. Remember Tom Brady? He was the 6th round pick...and he hasn't been too shabby.

The other big question is -- when will unconventional QB Tim Tebow be drafted? A lot of the talking heads, including Kiper Jr, think that some team should take Tebow and turn him into a tight end or fullback. Tebow wants nothing to do with this, and who can blame him? I will say this -- I would never bet against Tim Tebow to make it as an NFL quarterback. In fact, I believe that he will...and that he will be a good one. This guy has an iron will and is a proven winner. Like Vince Young, there may be some growing pains, but he is ultimately going to make some team like the Bills very happy in the long run. After all, the guy has a plaque hanging on a building at the University of Florida containing his "we will not lose again" speech from 2008 when he led the Gators to the National Championship.

I believe that Colt McCoy also has this kind of will to win. He is certainly a sentimental favorite of mine for mutiple reasons...none the least of which is that he is a Christian and has been a stellar example for the Lord in all that he has said and done. Some are comparing him to NFL veterans Jeff Garcia and Drew Brees, which is some good company. As with Tebow, I hope that he has a long and successful NFL career. As for all the rest? We'll just have to wait and see...it is the unpredictability of the draft that makes it so exciting.


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