Tuesday, April 6, 2010



Last evening's NCAA basketball championship game was a classic. I have to say from the get go that this might be one of the few times in sports where the champion is story line #2. To me, with a lot of respect to Duke who won the game, it comes off as a game of what might have been...and many wish could have been...the outcome. If only Gordon Hayward had hit that last second shot, it probably would have been the greatest sports story in history. I have to give much respect to the mid-major Butler boys from Indy and their baby-faced coach, 33 year old Brad Stevens, who did a remarkable job in leading the underdog Bulldogs past Syracuse, past Kansas State, past Michigan State to the title game. It is still one of the best sports stories of the past few years.

I am also thankful for opening day of the baseball season. It is a long couple of months between football and baseball (save for NASCAR and the NCAA tournament). Last evening, a play...that very few probably saw because of the aforementioned basketball game...was pulled off by pitcher, Mark Buehrle of the Chicago White Sox. A pitched ball hit by Indians player, Lou Marson, glanced off Buehrle's leg toward first base...he ran and retrieved it, scooping it with his glove between his legs to a bare-handed first baseman to get the out by a half a step. We might have seen the play of the year on opening day! Or, it may be a sign of things to come...and if this is the case...it bodes well for the baseball season. I wish I could pull down the video, but MLB media has a copyright claim to it, so...do the next best thing...watch the ESPN highlights. :-)


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