Saturday, April 24, 2010

Today a Soldier Comes Home


A good story, as told by an anonymous individual...and I am in agreement.

Last Thursday was like any other day for me. I got up and rushed around to get ready for work. I left about sunrise and started up the road from my house. The sight before me left tears in my eyes. On every fence post, every sign, and on bushes, trees and even weeds were tied yellow bows, there were hundreds of them. A half mile down the road I turned to head for the highway that takes me to work. Again, hundreds and hundreds of yellow bows tied against anything that would support the effort. I did not know the exact circumstance of the ribbons, was it for a soldier leaving, one arriving, one deceased?

I phoned my wife and told her about the ribbons. She left for her work about two hours later and like me, she was stunned and moved. She notified the local newspapers and phoned the local TV stations after finding out a soldier was coming home from Iraq that weekend. Apparently, the local small church had all it's members out decorating the two mile drive from the highway to his house with hundreds if not thousands of ribbons.

When I arrived home Saturday and the corner of the two main roads that had the ribbons, I saw two TV trucks and they were broadcasting live shots from the roads. My wife was right in telling the TV stations, we hear enough bad news, let's celebrate some good news.

I do not know the young man who came home, but he is just a symbol of all the thousands of young men who arrive daily across the country. Thank you for your time, your sacrifice and your devotion to your country.


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