Monday, April 12, 2010

From An Uncomfortable Story to a Heart-Warming One


The 2010 version of the Master's Golf Tournament was nothing, if not dramatic. It started with the greatest build-up of any tournament in history with the return of Tiger Woods to action. Tiger's story has been told and re-told, and he chose to return at a place and time that could be very far as the media and the that he would not be scrutinized so closely and could focus on playing. This was probably a smart move on his part. All of the discussion leading up to the Masters was with regard to how Tiger would do -- Would he make the cut? Could he possibly win it? To his credit, he played well...finishing 4th. He seemed a bit rattled on Sunday, which has been the case over the past year in the majors that he has played. It would be awfully hard to understand what it going on inside of his head at this point...but to say his life and psyche are "complicated" would be an understatement. It will be interesting to see where he goes from here and what the reaction of the general populace will be to him. From the inital reaction, many folks seem to be back on the Tiger bandwagon.

Thankfully, a 6 iron from 207 yards on the 13th hole, yesterday, gave us something else to discuss. But, it wasn't a Tiger shot, although it could have been from him. (O to be able to hit a 6 iron that far :-). Phil (Lefty) Mickleson had the shot of the tournament...maybe of his he landed that 6 iron shot four feet from the pin. What is all the excitement about such a shot, some might say? Some golfers might be able to do that in their sleep. Well, it was from the bark in the rough with two trees staring him right in the face...and this is what made it one of the most amazing shots I have ever seen. He could have folded after a couple of errant tee shots a few holes before number 13, but he took the momentum of that great shot, plus the inspiration of his wife (who has been battling breast cancer for nearly a year) being at the tournament to carry him to victory. It was an emotional moment to see Phil and his wife embrace after the 18th embrace of joy considering all that they have been through the past year. Here is hoping that she continues her recovery and that it is complete. I also hope that Phil will continue to play confidently. He is proof that nice guys don't finish last, and he has to be at least a co-favorite with Tiger going into the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach in June. I will say that I believe that Phil has thrust himself into the discussion as being among some of the all-time greats...Lee Trevino, Gary Player, Tom Watson, among others...with his four majors victories. All I can say is -- go Lefty!


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