Monday, January 12, 2009

Football As Unusual


I guess these playoffs really are for the birds...very few figured the Eagles, Cardinals and Ravens would go this far this year. The only team that made it the semifinals that was supposed to is the Steelers....and I suspect that may very well run the table, although I would hate to see it. How about the Cardinals! They probably will not even be favored to beat the Eagles at home this weekend -- but what a story. They have only been in the playoffs twice since 1947...and that was as the Chicago Cardinals...the last time they won any sort of a football cahmpionship -- only 20 years before the first Super Bowl. :-) They even landed in St. Louis for a few decades before coming to Arizona. Now, the long suffering fans of Phoenix actually have a team to cheer for besides the Cowboys, which is who they would usually cheer for in years past -- even if they had the 'boys at home. I am sure that many would love to see a Pennsylvania showdown. I love the underdog in this case...let's see coach Ken have a shot at his former team --it would be cool. Blessings,



Anonymous said...

The Refs of course arn't for the birds the're for the Steelers as usual.


Middle Man said...

No doubt a reference to the unfortunate happenings of the Super Bowl three years removed. :-)
Maybe this time some birds win.