Friday, January 16, 2009

Let's Make A Deal


We had some friendly dish fellows come over and set up a new receiver for us and add an extra cable. This is not too out of the ordinary...yet how it came about is funny, albeit exasperating -- buyer beware. Dave Ramsey should take note, perhaps. As my wonderful wife called the company to talk about the service call, the phone rep on the other end told her that it was going to be $100 in order to make the call, to which Kim correctly replied...that is ridiculous. Kim told her that "we've been valuable customers and that past calls had been part of our contract with them." The rep was willing to drop the service call to $50. Kim proceeded to question and said that "if we could not get satisfaction, we would switch to a competitor." The lady put Kim on hold and another representative came on the line that, perhaps, was a superior(?). He told Kim that, indeed, the call would be $150 and would raise our monthly rate by $5.98, to which Kim said that this was even more ridiculous than what the first rep offered. Kim, frustrated, went through the same speech as she did with the first rep and the gentleman said...we will make the service call free. At this point, he also said that it would not be an extra $5.98 per month, but only an extra $.98 per month.

What??? Can someone please explain all of this to me(?) is beyond comprehension. All I can say is -- be careful to do your homework and...God bless my wife, the master negotiator.
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