Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sports President


It has been a momentus week for our country. President-elect Barack Obama is now President Obama. It is indeed a truly significant and wondrous thing for our country that Obama is the first African-American elected president. I wish him all the best...and he has my prayers for his spiritual journey, leadership and safety as he leads our nation.

I am also excited that the president seems to have an acute awareness and involvement in sports. Since this is, in part, a sports blog, I want to give kudos to Barack Obama, the sportsman. I do hope that he is able to positively impact our sports his off time, of course. :-) If he is able to help facilitate a college football playoff system...I will be duly impressed, but I know that he has more pressing matters to attend to. I hope that he can be a blessing to our other great sporting ventures...particularly football, baseball, as I am sure that he will be with basketball -- his favorite sport.

It was great to see so many sporting figures at his inauguration, particularly some of the greatest African-American athletes of all time...from Muhammed Ali to Magic Johnson to many of the exceptional athletes of the present day. Like many of us, when he is in the midst of crisis, I hope that President Obama will be able to find sports as a break from the stresses of life and that they will be a blessing to him. Blessings,


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