Saturday, January 3, 2009

Who's #1?


Okay...I am telling you (you heard it here :-) -- Utah should be #1. As a follow-up to my earlier post on the college playoff, Utah made the best case that could be made for a playoff (or plus one game) by beating heavily favored Alabama in the Sugar Bowl last evening. They should have a shot...they beat BYU, TCU, Oregon State and Michigan (granted it was an off year), and finalized it by beating an Alabama team that was #1 for several weeks -- on the way going 13-0. The last time I checked, "undefeated" means you're pretty good...better than a team with one loss. Some will talk about strength of schedule, etc...but it still should be about a team getting hot at the right time and having a shot to be the undefeated and #1 team in the land. Yet, under the current system, the best that Utah will be, likely, is #3. The Oklahoma/Florida winner will be #1. If Texas beats Ohio State, they will be #2. This wasn't Boise State's year...but it could have been Utah's. (Understand...I am not really a Utah fan, per se, it is just that they stand at the point of principle). And even if a playoff isn't in order...a plus one game could make a difference. Perhaps an undefeated Utah would have a shot. So...we'll see if it ever takes place -- here is a fan who is hoping that it does. Blessings,



dellkimberly said...

No Excuses but Roll Tide Roll

Middle Man said...

I understand...maybe next year for the Tide. :-)