Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly -- 2009 NFL Week 4


Week 4 Update...
The Good: Colts (Peyton is going where no QB has gone before...4 300+ yard games to start season); Saints (They actually have a "D"? Their team is much Sharper); Giants (Playing like their name); Vikings (Did Favre have a big Pack chip on his shoulder?...Nah :-); Patriots (Welker is always welcome); Bengals (Doing it with mirrors? Doesn't appear to be so...just good old #85 -- gotta love him); Bears (How's that QB trade working for ya?); Broncos (How's that QB trade working for ya?); Eagles (No more byes...will the real starting QB please stand up?); 49ers ("D" playing like coach played...all out); Steelers (Not quite all the way back, but rushing Rashard might be one solution); Team "Can't Be Beat"...but for how long?

The Bad: Jets (The Sanchize comes back down to rookie reality, unfortunately); Hey Mark Clayton (Ravens)...you gots to make that catch; Cowboys (Time for a genuine shake up); Bills (Time to scrap the two minute offense...it ain't working); Chefs (Hate to say it...but, like the Brownies...you spent way too much for a 2nd string QB); Lions (Well, at least it was nice for 1 week); Seahawks (Make Peyton look, well...supernatural); Refs...(Pats vs Ravens) getting a little bit ridiculous with the protecting the QB calls...or is it flag football, now? :-)

The Ugly: Lambs (Good heavens! Thanks for the 36 fantasy points to the Niners, though ;-); Buccaneers vs Redskins (Take your pick of ugly); JaMarcus Russell (35 % to 36 % passing efficiency...now there's some improvement to be proud of); Commitment to HAHA Excellence Team (Time to switch from Cable to Dish); Titans (Just how bad do you miss Jim Schwartz? Your loss is Lions gain?)

The Welcome Back to 2007 Award -- Derek Anderson

Super Bowl: Still liking -- Saints vs. Colts
Stupor Bowl: Lambs vs Team That Needs to be Committed (aka...Raiders)

Blessings, Don

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