Monday, October 19, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly -- 2009 NFL Week 6


Week 6 Update...
The Good: Patriots (Brady must have been getting tired of the "he might be washed up" talk); Colts (First week Manning doesn't go for 300...byes will do that to a guy); Broncos (Just keep finding ways to get it done with McGenius); Saints (Doesn't matter what "D" they face, just figure on 40+); Vikings (The cardiac Favres hold on for another W); Cardinals (Looking more like last season's version all of the sudden); Falcons (Matty Ice is playing nice); Williams and Stewart (The dynamic duo was least for one week).

The Bad: Eagles (And how do you lose to the Raiders...unless you just didn't prep much); Giants Secondary (Oh least they are not alone); Brownies (Make it two ex-Pats defensive coordinators that should have stayed as such); Steven Hauschka (Ravens shouldn't have a three game losing streak...); Lions (No Megatron and No Stafford = 0 points); Bears (Gave away way too many chances in the red zone).

The Ugly: Titan-ics (Sinking ever lower every up 59 shows that they quit); Seahawks (From world beaters to clueless in one week???); J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets (Three "Ls" in a row...and the Sanchize is now looking more like a pick-sy); Skinned (How much have you spent DS? Sorry JZ...looking at bye week bye bye); Lambs (They put up a fight, does it go again? Bad teams find a way to lose).

The "How-Do-You-Rush-For-300 Yards-And-Lose Award?" -- J-E-T-S (Answer: QB throws 5 picks -- Bummer).

Super Bowl: Saints vs. Patriots
Stupor Bowl: Titan-ics vs. Skinned

Blessings, Don

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