Monday, October 26, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly -- 2009 NFL Week 7


Week 7 Update...
The Good: Saints (As I said last week --doesn't matter what "D" they face, just figure on 40+...and a comeback for the ages this week); Patriots (Well, at least the Brits were able to see one good team); Colts (Just motoring along to the SB...maybe); Broncos (Orton to Marshall...who'da thunk?); Good Bay (Nothing like the Brownies to help the spirit); Cardinals (The "O"?...How about the "D"?); Cowboys (All of the sudden, they are Miles ahead); Steelers (Looking more like last year's's all about da "D"); Bengals (Cedric does some entertaining); Alex Smith (Hello SF starter)

The Bad: Mice of the Midway (Benson does make them pay-backs); Dolphins' Second Half (Ouch!); NFC LEAST --Giants (All of the sudden look, well...soft -- hard to believe, but I'm okay with it) and Skinned (New owner please?); Bad Bay (Can they stay in England?); Shaun Hill (Goodbye SF starter)

The Ugly: AFC WORST -- Chefs (Well, LJ just talked and tweeted himself into a place on the bench...sorry to whoever has him for FFL...) and Rudders (How low can you go after such a good win); Brownies (May get second shot at a #1 QB in three years); Titan-ics (At least they didn't lose this week...they'll probably take it :-); Lambs (Having to play Peyton when you're winless can't be much fun); Jay Cutler (Cut-it-out); Jake Delhomme (Jake the snake-bit)

The "How-Do-You-Blow-A-21 point-2nd Quarter Lead Award?" -- Not so Fintastic

Super Bowl: Saints vs. Colts
Stupor Bowl: Commitment to (Ha!) Excellence Team vs. Lambs
Two former L.A. we know why they don't want another pro team. :-)

Blessings, Don

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