Thursday, October 22, 2009

To Be Church Or Not To Be


Our entire culture has formed in us a need to be simple and pragmatic according to its standards...the ironic thing is that it is not unlike how Jesus lived -- but with a much different focus, of course. Many "missionally minded" folks think that being Jesus-like, exclusively, means going out and serving the poor and needy, being involved in some meaningful work "out there," but...the greater, and more difficult work, in many respects, is to get the "believers to live like believers." Jesus spent an awful lot of time with "the church"...twelve guys and some others...trying to helping them to truly understand the truth -- no small task, even, in three years' time. This doesn't happen very well from a distance, but by "getting our hands dirty," helping the church to be what Christ called it to be...from "the inside," messy, frustrating and difficult as it can be at times. Blessings,


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