Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Christmas Apologetic


Approximately fifteen years ago I made a pulpit statement that the next great war would be would not be fought with guns and bombs, but with "pen and ink," signs and votes. Indeed these days are now upon us. Special interests that are opposed to the will and the Word of God (cloaked in religious language and even in religious settings) continue to press their agendas and it is continuing to exacerbate the currently negative and digressive socio-cultural and "spiritual" climate that we are living in today.

This message is, more or less, a clarion call for good stewardship -- and to good of the most blessed days for Christians is under fire. There has been a movement -- by certain of these special interest elements in our society and others of the world -- to seek to remove Christmas from American society. Their effectiveness has been gaining momentum in recent years. The reason for the intense focus by the world upon Christmas is that it has been the single most representative event that Christians...and the American people themselves, historically... have focused upon in relationship to Christianity itself -- and this, therefore, makes it a relatively easy target.

Now, what many of these entities will say, is that we need to have the breadth and openness to allow for people to worship Hannukah, Kwanzaa and a host of other holidays (including Christmas) at this time of year...and I do not know of any Christian who has been opposed to this principle. However, what is not communicated is...that Christmas should not be allowed to continue to be celebrated right along side the other holidays. Many of those who are so sensetized about their holidays getting the attention they deserve are intolerant of Christmas, and Christianity in general, for the reasons mentioned above. (Is it not a wonder that "the liberal left" are upset at our incoming president about his choice of one who would offer prayer at his inauguration?).

The boisterous governor of my birth state, in a display of "her authority," recently allowed certain atheists to post an offensive, primarily anti-Christian, message at the capital building...certainly coincidental that it happened to be at this time of year. :-) Even our beloved AOL today posted the message "hello polar bear, goodby nativity" in a subtle, yet understood message concerning the cultural shift of many away from Christmas. Happy Holidays is acceptable...Merry Christmas is not. Many Christians have allowed themselves to become desensetized. We need to continue to promote our holiday and be proud of the time of year that our Savior, Jesus Christ was born...whether it was December 25th or March 25th...this is an important time of the year that we recognize Jesus -- "the Reason for the Season," the Word become flesh. This is especially important to those who have been there and done that already, culturally, and particularly religiously, in settings where Christmas was discouraged or forbidden. There is no doubt that Christmas is not a legal holiday, biblically, even though it may be so culturally...but it is most certainly a spiritual holiday, religiously, as well as culturally. Let's not allow Christmas to be taken out of the rightful, spiritual, as well as, cultural context where it belongs. I am not willing to surrender celebrating Christmas. Take care and God bless,


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