Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly...NFL (Week 15)


The Good: Panthers (Riding the RBs). Colts (7 game winning streak...Manning is old self again). Steelers (Nothing flashy with Roethlisberger...lives by the motto -- just win baby -- and so he does). Cowboys (From team turmoil to back in the hunt after critical win over the not-so-Giants). Titans (Haynesworth hurt...what does it mean? It can't be good). Giants (No Jacobs...then ???). Falcons (Appear to be the real deal). Bucs (Would be in trouble if not for Chargers, Raiders up in the next two weeks). Eagles (A whole lot of momentum). Vikes (Who needs Frerotte?). AFC East (Who wants it?).

The Bad: Bills (Lost 7 of 8...having to rely on Loss-man). Bungles (Better efforts move them up to bad...it's a start). Seahawks (Beat Rams...now there's some bragging rights.) Packers (Missing Favre, perhaps? "D" isn't helping out this year). Redskins (Abandon ship! Abandon ship!).

The Ugly: Really...I mean either Western division, be it AFC or NFC. Browns (Down to Dorsey for the doormats). Chefs (Peterson's leaving can't be good for Herm...or is it?). Raiders (Ruining Russell). Rams (Need to start from scratch). Lions (...and they are still on track for the O-fer).

Super Bowl: Colts vs. Eagles...if it's up to momentum. (See Giants...2007)
Stupor Bowl: Lions vs. Chiefs

Blessings, Don

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