Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Playoffs? Did Somebody Say Playoffs?


Well, we have the latest installment of the BCmesS on our hands. I wish I could feel good about this system...me and everyone else. But, it never just seems to be quite right. It was originally intended to set up a match for the #1 and #2 teams in the land. Now, it really is, in essence, a system whereby 10 teams are lined up in bowls based upon priority or power of conference, which is unfortunate. So, the default is the SEC. The BCmesS believes that if there is an undefeated or one loss SEC team (or in the case of LSU last year -- two losses), that they should be in the Big Game. So, Florida is this year's representative. This year, it so happens that the Big 12 had a number of great teams, guided by great QBs. It made it pretty easy to discern that a team from the Big 12 was likely going to be a representative in the Big Game...now which one would it be(?). The Big 12 had a three way tie in order to determine which team was going to win the South Division and therefore be the representative in the Big 12 championship game. Texas beat Oklahoma, Texas Tech beat Texas and Oklahoma beat Texas Tech. Yet, since Oklahoma beat Tech so badly...and so late in the season, it was easy to dismiss Tech from the big picture. Every other major conference that has a conference championship boils it down to the top two teams in a division to decide who will be their division rep in the championship game. If the top two teams play, which they do most years, then the head-to-head winner goes on to play in that conference's championship game. Sounds simple. But, not in the Big 12. They allowed all three top teams to be considered and left it up to the BCmesS to determine who would be the rep in the Big 12 championship. In EVERY other conference, Texas would have been the rep, because it would be head to head against Oklahoma, whom they beat in the regular season. This just happens to make some sense. Any other team would drop for ease of determination, and keep the BCmesS out of it, which would also make a whole lot of sense.

So, when it came down to the final two weeks, the polls had Oklahoma #2 and Texas #3 behind #1 Alabama, with Florida at #4. The BCmesS had Oklahoma #3 and Texas #2. Tell me if this makes sense??? After wins by both schools over the final weekend...Texas over a weaker Texas A & M, whereas Oklahoma clobbered a stronger Oklahoma State, 61-41...the final set up was the polls had Texas #2 and Oklahoma #3, whereas the BCmesS had Texas #3 and Oklahoma #2. Once again ??? So, the NCAA has eschewed sportsmanship in order to encourage profit with this system that results in Oklahoma scoring over 60+ points five weeks in a row in order to make their case that they should be in the BCmesS Championship. They must have made their case, because they are there...even though they lost the head to head with Texas. On top of this, Florida jumps Texas and ends up in the BCmesS Championship even though they lost to a more inferior team at the time, Mississippi, and Texas lost to strong Tech. Oh...and did I mention that Texas beat Oklahoma? :-)

Now, I am sure that this all makes about as much sense as Alice, the White Rabbit, and the Mad Hatter, but you know...what would life be like without the BCmesS? Well, let's consider a few other things. Undefeated (12-0) Boise State, who defeated Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl a few years ago, is not invited to be one of the final ten teams in the BCmesS big picture even though they are ranked number nine, but Utah (#6) is...and they will play Alabama in this year's Sugar Bowl, as is two loss Ohio State (#10), who will play Texas...yes, THAT Texas...in the Fiesta Bowl. Now Boise State is relegated to a minor bowl in San Diego or some such place, but will at least be playing a challenging TCU. Also, one loss Texas Tech is also relegated to a minor bowl, as well. But, this is not the point. It all just reeks of favoritism, which is why -- THERE MUST BE A PLAYOFF. Pit Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Texas Tech, Utah, Boise State, Penn State and USC and ??? in some sort of playoff where a true national champion may be crowned. Now, it may not end up being the #1 team at the end of the regular season, but it would be exciting. In the past three years in the NFL two #6 seeds have won the Super Bowl. The Steelers and Giants got hot at the right time and became the best team. Same could happen for the NCAA. It would be poetic justice, and just cool, if Boise State had a chance to win the championship. They should have the opportunity! Blessings,


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