Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly...NFL (Week 16)


Week 16 Update...
The Good: Giants (Earth and big time Wind, but no Fire). Titans (Albert who? -- just kidding...old man Collins leads smack down of Steelers). Panthers (FG blown left is the difference in loss to G-men). C olts (8 game winning streak...hard to bet against Peyton). Steelers (Mr. Just-win-baby has bricks for hands this week). Falcons (Amazing rookie QB and a miraculous turnaround to make the playoffs). Ravens (Usual brutal "D" and another tough rookie QB who leads them). Cowboys (Need to win a big game now). Patriots (Cassel piling up the free agent $...playing like Brady). Dolphins (Pennington has old score to settle upcoming).

The Bad: Bucs ("D"...as in "disappear" since Kiffin announcement). Jets (0-4 on West Coast, Favre looks old...hints at retirement -- hard to believe :-). Bengals (Bragging rights(?) for Ohio). Seahawks (Upset Bretts in the snow). Packers (Can't close the deal in last five 4th quarters). Eagles (I mean...they just have to come back here after losing to the Redskins). Chiefs (QB of the future found in Thigpen). Raiders (What happened to the no "O" Raiders?...they actually looked like a normal team for once).

The Ugly: Cards (Obviously not a cold weather team). Browns (4th string QB equals 0 points). Broncos (Fading away quickly...down to 6th RB and still no "D"). Rams (Let another one get away in the 2nd half). Lions (...and they are still on track for the O-fer).

The ???: Broncos on verge of snatching division defeat from the jaws of victory...Chargers on verge of big comeback in division -- can they do it? Probably.

Super Bowl: Still believe...Panthers vs. Colts
Stupor Bowl: Lions vs. Browns



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