Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bat Men


Tis the season for bats...and not just because of the holidays. The other evening (October 31st, of course), there was a bat swooping in on the Spurs as they were playing the Kings at home. Rather than continue to be bothered by the nuisance, Spurs player Manu Ginobli took matters into his own hands, literally. He swiped the bat out of the air and knocked it to the floor, in a feat of athletic agility that was remarkable. Now, there are a couple of things to consider here -- first...had Ginobli really thought it through, he might have allowed "the bat authorities" to come and take care of it. What is one primary thing that we associate with bats? Yes, that's right -- rabies. So, now Ginobli is having to undergo 16 rabies shots over the next 30 days...with long needles, no less. Yikes! Second...of course where would we be without some of the PETA folks getting involved...or in this case -- PETB...people for the ethical treatment of bats. I am being a bit sarcastic, to be certain, but once again it begs the question -- a rogue bat, really? I mean...c'mon man.

Transitioning from the furry type of bat to the wooden has been quite a World Series. It is a shame that the Phillies are not winning the overall series, for a number of reasons. One...I tend to root for the Rangers, Mariners and anyone playing the Yankees...just the way it is. :-) Second...Chase Utley, the Phillies second baseman, is not going to get near the props that he deserves if the Phillies do not win...which looks unlikely...but, you never know, as there are still two games to go. (One is actually going on right now, but I have no idea what the score is, as I have not caught up to my DVR yet :-). Utley has nearly single-handedly carried the Phillies, having hit five home runs, which is remarkable...and he ties Reggie Jackson, Mr. October, for the most in a series. So...I guess we can now anoint Utley, Mr. November, right? Either way, he has had an amazing World Series and deserves a lot of respect and honor for his performance. Hats off to you, Mr. November.


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