Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly -- 2009 NFL Week 8


Week 8 Update...The Good: Saints (Doing just enough to win...but is it good enough? -- probably); Colts (Like the Saints...a slow week, but still more than enough); Cowboys (Props to Romo, who looks like Favre the past three weeks -- good company); Vikings (Is Favre 40 or 30?); Titans (Look like last year's team...well, at least for one game); Texans (Can they be on the list? Sure...but losing Daniels hurts), Eagles (Sometimes...WOW, other times YOW)

The Bad: Cardinals (Just when we thought they were starting to peak?); J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets (Can't stop their mouths...or the Dolphins); Broncos (An excusable let down?); NFC LEAST --Giants (All of the sudden look, well...soft still -- hard to believe, but I'm still okay with it) and Skinned (Ahhh, the bye week...now for some more ugly beat downs); Bad Bay (MNF looks pretty good, eh JG?); Seahawks (Missing key players...seems like every year)

The Ugly: Brownies (Can it get much worse? Probably); Bills (T.O. Scores!); Lambs vs Lovable Losing Lions (The Stupor Bowl comes to life early...save for Stephen Jackson, who was great); Jags (How do you tank against the Titan-ics?)

The Back to the Future Award -- Vince Young
The Fortunate: (Brief NCAA note) Iowa (Cardiac) Hawkeyes -- five pics and still win big to stay undefeated -- team of destiny or density?

Super Bowl: (Been with it from the beginning...so far, so good) Saints vs. Colts
Stupor Bowl: Yuccaneers vs. Brownies

Blessings, Don

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