Monday, November 23, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly -- 2009 NFL Week 11


Week 11 Update...
The Good: Saints (So many weapons...); Colts (Ditto); Vikings (His Favreite year? I think so); Chargers (Go whipping past the Donkeys into the AFC Worst lead); Cardinals (Better hope Warner isn't out long); Pats (Smacking back the smack talkers, eh?); Titans (4 wins in a row -- have Denver and Tennessee exchanged teams?); Packers (Start quick and hold on against Niners); Fins (Finding ways to win...and without Ronnie -- pretty impressive); Jags (a very quiet 6-4...big rebound from last year); Matthew Stafford (400+yards and 5 TDs...are you kidding me?); Chefs (Again...are you kidding me?)

The Bad: Bengals (Can't beat the Steelers one week, then lose to the Rudders); Falcons (Snelling does well, but not the "D"); Stillers (Can't lose to the Chefs -- sorry EM); Donkeys (4 losses in a row...time to panic? Yeah); Mice of the Midway (The "savior"...ain't); Belles (See Dick go bye bye...which is too bad, but Fluffalo is BAD); Cowboys "O" (December swoon in November? Yikes!); J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets (Not so smackin' now)

The Ugly: Brownies and Lions "D"s ( show); Cowboys 7, Skinned 6 (Perfect definition of an "ugly" win...Skinned still find ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory); 1976 Expansion Revisited -- Seachickens (Score 41 on Jags earlier in the can you be so bad now?) and Yuccaneers (Yuck, Yuck, Yuck...).

The Game of the Year? -- Lions 38, Brownies 37 ...what??????????
The Who-Are-You-And-What-Have-You-Done-With-Brady-Quinn_Award? -- Brady Quinn
The Lone Star Hope: (Brief NCAA note) Texas vs. TCU National Championship (Still alive for another week)

Super Bowl: Vikings vs. Colts
Stupor Bowl: Seachickens vs. Fluffalo Belles


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