Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Battlefield


Our country celebrates Veteran's Day today, and this may be the most poignant time to remember in recent least for our family. With the tragedy that took place at Ft. Hood this past week, and the ensuing lock down that affected our nephew's family, it brings the struggles for freedom and the threat of the enemy very close to home in may respects. In addition, our nephew, Dirk, who has been on his fourth tour of duty in Iraq, was seriously injured when the armored vehicle he was riding in struck a land mine this past Saturday. He is recovering and has been upgraded from serious condition...but, he will have to undergo back surgery in the near future. Dirk was fortunate...many people who experience what happened to his vehicle do not survive. I am thankful that he will be coming home soon and will not be going back.

However, there will be others who will go or go back and fight for us in Iraq and Afhanistan. I am grateful for the sacrifices that they and their families make on our behalf. The enemy terrorists that we fight are perhaps the most dangerous and deadly that we have ever fought, because they are so covert. It reminds me of the enemy we fight in the spiritual battle on a daily basis. He, too, is covert and seeks to cause us to stumble and destroy us by putting temptation and trial landmines in our path. There are times when we are able to steer clear of these, and at other times, we hit them and are damaged. We need, always, to humble ourselves before our almighty Lord who leads us and guides us through the darkness of this world...into His light. And, one day, we will not have to worry about the darkness at all, because we will be in His eternal light...for the battle will be over. Blessings,


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