Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly -- 2009 NFL Week 10


Week 10 Update...
The Good: Saints (This Bush was burning); Colts (Would you like a ribbon on that gift?...complements of BB); Bengals (5-0 in their division...proving to be doggone tough); Chargers (LT playing like his old self all of the sudden); Cardinals (Playing more like last year's version); Titans (3 in a row...owner needs to chill); Cheeseheads ("D" makes its occasional appearance); Skins (Betts they can't do this regularly); Banana Girl's Team (114 pts...CTCC FFL record)

The Bad: Pats (Not trusting the "D" is costly...but then again, it is Peyton we're talking about with 2 minutes left); Falcons (Ryan experiencing Sophomore jinx); Broncos (Three's a trend this way, as well...no Orton means no "O," but "D" has been the real problem of late); Lions (Stafford was reasonable...but until he finds Megatron, they will stink); Roy Williams (The receiver -- not the DB or UNC Coach...although either of them could have probably made some of the catches that he didn't); Cowboys (Get trapped by a trap game...and they shouldn't have)

The Ugly: Brownies (Ugliest offense I have seen in watching 40 years of football...this team has no clue); Commitment to (HA!) Excellence Team (Run over by the Chefs...stinky -- tied for biggest circus with Brownies); Mice of the Midway (Way too many pics for this to work...Cut-it-out-ler continues); Bills (What...T.O. is now making noise?)

The Somebody-Please-Put-Them-Out-of-Our-Misery Award -- Brownies
The Lone Star Hope: (Brief NCAA note) Texas vs. TCU National Championship (Still alive for another week)

Super Bowl: Vikings vs. Colts
Stupor Bowl: Brownies vs. Cut-it-out-lers


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