Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly -- 2009 NFL Week 9


Week 9 Update...
The Good: Saints (The Comeback Kids ride again); Colts (Dodged one thanks to Texans kicker); Steelers (Here you go, Erik -- look complete right now...grudge match with 85's team this week); Cowboys (Big time win against Eagles...the faithful are becoming believers again); Cardinals (Roller coaster was up for last week...hope it is back down at home against 'hawks); Titans (Nothing spectacular with Vince...just inspiration, I guess); Pats (Heading toward another showdown with Colts); Good Bay (Yuccaneers?)

The Bad: NFC Least -- Ugglees (Hahahahahaha!), Mutants (Defense seems to have quit on new DC), Skinned (Riggo says owner has "dark heart"...getting uglier in the capital); Niners (Lose four in a row?'re on the bad list); Broncos (Two smack downs in a row...but 'skins should be good medicine this weekend); Bad Bay (And we thought it was Tampa...not! How long before Rodgers gets hurt with his OL giving up record sacks?)

The Ugly: Brownies (At least they had a bye week to ease the BQ is the new hero, once again -- YAY!); Mice of the Midway (If not for the TE, the Cards game would have been REALLY ugly); Lovable Losing Lions (The Lions had me nervous...up 17-0 against 'hawks, but thankfully, they reverted to their old form -- 5 pics works just fine :-); Dirty Birds (Only 7 points for the vaunted Baltimore O? Uh oh)

The Going to Make Someone Mad Award (Ha ha) -- Me...Go Bengals! (Only because I have two of their receivers ;-)
The Lone Star Hope: (Brief NCAA note) Texas vs. TCU National Championship (BTW...Iowa finally got what they had coming to them...a loss, and they will get another one this weekend).

Super Bowl: Cowboys vs. Steelers -- why not? Just like old times.
Stupor Bowl: Commitment to (Ha ha) Excellence Team vs. Lambs (Even on bye weeks, they can't escape)


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