Monday, November 16, 2009

Moon Water


You probably heard that NASA launched a fascinating $79 million probe about a month ago in order to discern if there was any water on the moon. The idea was for one portion of the probe to blast the moon with explosive force, causing a geyser (hopefully) to rise up into the air, and then the second part of the probe would collect a sample of any water that might be there. Well... bingo! It was official, as of a few days ago -- water has been discovered on the moon.

The NASA probe discovered beds of water ice at the lunar south pole when it impacted the moon last month, mission scientists announced. And this is not just some small amount, but a significant amount of water has been "unmooned." Ultimately, the goal is to return astronauts back to the moon by the year 2020 in order to do further checking on the lunar surface to see what the future might hold. If mankind is ever going to be able to colonize the moon in the form of establishing a lunar base, finding water that could be usable was an important step in the process. this point -- mission accomplished! Blessings,


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