Saturday, December 19, 2009

Athlete of the Decade


Tiger Woods was named athlete of the decade this week. I have a great respect for what Tiger has accomplished on the golf course over the past ten years, and he is certainly a worthy candidate. I have to take issue with the sports talking heads who have basically said -- "it was really a one person race," and as the vote turned out, this is precisely what happened. C'mon folks...what about a certain Texan named Armstong? Lance Armstrong only rewrote the Tour de France record books (seven wins) this past decade. He has not been found guilty of any wrongdoing with performance enhancers, so this should not be held against him...especially given that it seems that nearly all athletes are under suspicion -- even Tiger, as of this week. Of course, this would be assuming that cycling would even be considered a sport to some of these folks. Yet, since when should cycling be disparaged over golf? I love golf, Should golf really be valued over cycling as a means to determine who should be the best athlete of the decade? I can't think of a more strenuous sport than 21 days of bike riding across the mountains and plains of France. I simply don't believe that it should be a runaway...Tom Brady, Michael Phelps and Kobe Bryant should also have merited more consideration. But, when it all comes down...I still would have to cast my vote for Lance. Blessings,


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