Friday, December 4, 2009

The Week in Least in Part


It has been a busy news week at the sports newsdesk. No bigger story than the Tiger Woods situation. I haved loved Tiger as a golfer and as a person. His indescretion is a very disappointing development, and it certainly causes one to question a number of things. I am thankful that we live in a forgiving nation that is willing to forgive their favorite stars. In fact, all of Tiger's sponsors have said that they remain behind him, and this is their prerogative...proof of His power and draw as an icon. It all just seems so very simple for the public, however. Here is hoping that he and his family will be able to work through this very difficult time.

Bobby Bowden retired this week, Charlie Weis was fired and Mark Mangino "resigned." None of them is too surprising. Don't feel too bad for Charlie, former head football coach at Notre Dame...he has ($)millions of reasons not to lose too much sleep, and will land on his feet somewhere soon -- he is a hot commodity. Bobby has been my favorite college football coach since I was a, this is a sad thing for me. He is 80 and has done a wonderful job for 34 years at Florida State...he built the Seminoles team from nothing. It is too bad that the FSU president and company couldn't have given him one more year to go out on his terms...I think this would have been the proper thing to do. Concerning Mangino, there is something rotten in Kansas. Yes, there are allegations that he was "rough" on kids...and if so, then he would need to be disciplined, but there is so much more to this that we are not hearing about. Mangino has taken Kansas football to heights that it had never been before the past three years, including 12-1 a couple of years ago. Granted, they were 5-7 and lost seven in a row to end the season, but someone in the administation (athletic director, perhaps?) didn't like him and wanted him, he is -- just gotta love dirty politics...

I want to finish with former Texas star quarterback, Vince Young of the Tennessee Titans. He has experienced a resurgence in his career over the past five weeks that practically no one would have thought would happen. Despite all of his detractors, I am glad that he is doing well. I don't know how can someone not root for him to succeed at this point. I have been a Vince Young fan from day one, and even though he had a really difficult time last year, I had hoped that he would get another it with the Titans or someone else. So, after starting 0-6, the Titans have now won five in a row with Young at the helm and take on the mighty, undefeated Colts this weekend. I am a big Peyton Manning fan, as well...but, for this weekend, I am rooting for Vince and the Titans to knock the Colts from the unbeaten ranks. Oh...and "go Longhorns!" Blessings,


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