Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly -- 2009 NFL Week 12


Week 12 Update...
The Good: Saints (Set themselves apart, in my opinion...after dismantling the Pats); Colts (Four comebacks in a row for the cardiac kids -- but they keep on winning); Vikings (Favre for MVP); Chargers (Rivers is flowing -- I know, I know...bad pun); Cowboys (Feasting on the Raiders); Titans (All of the Vince haters need to start repenting); Packers (Just keep putting up the points); Bengals (Ran all over their division opponents...6-0); Bills (New coach mixing it up...to good results, so far); Vince Young (2005 revisited...beats Matt Leinart in the last minute again)

The Bad: Stillers (We'll see if Champs have any steely resolve left); Fins (Stampeded by the Toronto Bills); Yuccaneers (New QB looks like the real deal, though); Pats (Just no answers for the Breeses...but who has had any, really?); Not-So-Giants (No Eli will spell doom...and I am okay with Giants stinking, strangely enough :-); Cards (If they have to rely on Leinart for long...yikes!)

The Ugly: Rudders (Can we have yet another QB with our #1 pick?); Brownies (Ahhh...7 points -- now that's more like the team we're accustomed to); Mice of the Midway (Rumor mill has Fisher going back to his homeland -- intriguing); Loveable Losing Lions (They're back...Stafford has a lot of potential, but looked like the old, gunslinging Favre, or current Cut-it-out-ler); And...speaking of bad QBs -- Panthers (Delhommer Simpson finds more of the other guys, once again)

The Roller Coaster Award: Jacksonville Yoyos
The Lone Star Dream: (Last NCAA note) Texas vs. TCU National Championship (Pretty well over -- bummer!)

Super Bowl: Saints vs Chargers
Stupor Bowl: Brownies vs. Panthers


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