Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly -- 2009 NFL Week 15


Week 15 Update...
The Good: Colts (Peyton refuses to lose); Cowboys (Perhaps a December to remember after all?); Saints (Playing not to lose finally gets them a loss...it might be their last one); Chargers (Rivers to Jackson -- the greatest thing since Manning to Harrison?); Eagles (Soooo many weapons on both sides of the ball); Titans (Can they really make it all the way back? In a dogfight with seven other teams for two AFC Wild Card spots...it'll get interesting, for certain); Pats (Finally...a win on the road that wasn't in England); Josh Cribbs and Jerome Harrison (It's nice that the Browns have a couple of guys that can really ball for big Mike); Matt Moore (No need for Delhomersimpson)

The Bad: Vikings (No...not bad Brett -- not now); J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets (Let one get away that will cost them the playoffs); Broncos (Just when it appeared that they were going to turn it around...they lose to Oakland at home???); Seahawks (Their Matt is ice...cold, that is); Lambs (Love the old blue and yellow...thanks for ditching the navy and gold); Lions (Give Cards a scare) and Cards (Shouldn't be being scared by the Lions); Chefs (Beat Steelers, but lose to Brownies?)

Ugly: Nick Folk (He gone...bye bye); Bearlys (Hey Broncos -- about that QB trade...); Packers "D" (Solid all year, but let one get away with no time left...oh well, you can't win 'em all); Brett & Brad (Chillin' relations); Skinned (The swinging gate play...oh my horrors -- don't let "the swinging gate" hit you on the way out JZ...which is too bad, because he is a great guy)

The Back-To-The-Future Award: Shawn Suisham (Back with the Cowboys just in time to exact revenge on the 'skins -- hopefully)...and the Steelers (Super Bowl replay -- another Ben to wide out fabulous end zone grab for a win)

Super Bowl: Saints vs. Chargers
Stupor Bowl: Lambs vs. Bills


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