Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly -- 2009 NFL Week 16


Week 16 Update...
The Good: Cowboys (No mo Romo finally making the plays that count...hopefully it's good enough); Chargers (Not just Rivers to Jackson, the "D" has really made the "D"ifference); Eagles (Aside from Kevin Kolb, just can't root for them...against my religion); Pats (Maybe Belichick CAN still motivate...was there really any doubt?); Packers (Playing tough on the frozen tundra); Panthers (Tell me again...why wasn't Matt Moore starting all year?); Browns (On a roll...won three out of four -- enough to save the Mangenius? Probably not)

The Bad: Colts (Well, Mr. Polian and Mr. Caldwell, I hope the strategy of resting your players and ticking off your; Saints (Didn't expect to see THEM here, but can't lose two in a row after starting 13-0, especially when loss #2 is to the 2-12 Bucs); Giants (Who can figure out this team?); Vikings (Bad time to be on the slide); Broncos (Probably just slid out of the playoffs); Chefs (Not cooking); Titan-ics (Had the playoffs on the line...and went belly up)

Ugly: Bills (The savior -- T.O -- has not gotten it done, but he had no QB this year either); Seahawks (Never tanked it under Holmgren); Skinned (Looks like Shanny, presumably, will have his work cut out for him); Lambs (And with the #1 pick, the Lambs take...); Lions (Toothless)

The Owe-The-Colts-One-Big-Time Award: J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets

Super Bowl: Packers vs. Chargers
Stupor Bowl: Lambs vs. Bills


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