Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly -- 2009 NFL Week 13


Week 13 Update...
The Good: Saints (Cajun magic keeps them undefeated...or so they say -- ha! It's because they are the SAINTS); Colts (Put an end to the Titans nice little win streak); Chargers (Colts need to be sweating any meeting with this team...their usual playoff ousters); Cardinals (Looking more and more like last year's SB team...which is scary); Vikings (Oops...for one week only, right?); Eagles (A Vick sighting...in Atlanta, no less); Packers (A frozen win is still a good win); Bengals (Just about have the division clinched...whouda thunk?); Broncos (No longer playing like the Donkeys); Bruce Gradkowski (Who?)

The Bad: Texans (What happened to that sure-fire playoff team? They are sinking into Galveston Bay quicker than you can say Hou...); Brownies (Houston, we have an offense! -- of sorts); Pats (Like the tin man...they need some heart); Falcons (No Matty Ice or Burner Turner leaves them with no h"O"pe); Lions (Gone from ugly to bad...hey, it's progress); Bears (Will take a win...even if its against the Lambs); Ravens (Froze up in frozen tundra land); Lambs (And with their first round draft pick, the Rams choose QB...)

The Ugly: Shawn Suisham (Decent Skins kicker commits ultimate kicking sin -- 23(?) yarder to ice the game...and it costs him his job); Stillers (Melting down...just can't lose to the Raiders and Chefs in the same season...and do so in ugly fashion); Yuccaneers (Freeman finds too many of the other guys this week); Chefs (How many teams that hire good offensive coaches have "Ds" that STINK...well, these guys, for one)

The Who-Are-These-Guys-And-What-Have-They-Done-With-The-Rudders? Award: Oakland/Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders

Super Bowl: Cardinals vs Chargers
Stupor Bowl: Chefs vs. Yuccaneers


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