Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly -- 2009 NFL Week 14


Week 14 Update...
The Good: Saints (Better get the "D" to come around or...will only win SB by 10 instead of 20); Colts (Outrun Broncos); Chargers (The anti-Cowboys are undefeated in Decembers the last few years); Vikings (Tame the Bengals); Eagles (Peaking...didn't we just see this last year? -- Stop it!); Packers (Can they catch the Vikes?); Bengals ("O"? No.); Titans (Thump the Lambs...what did we expect, really?); Brandon Marshall (21 catches...NFL record -- what happened to the guy that used to pout like Randy Moss? He's a happy man with all the balls coming his way)

The Bad: Cowbrains (As Aaron says...another December NOT to remember); Pats (Not a very convincing win...seem to be coming apart at the seams); Falcons (Once again...No Matty Ice or Burner Turner leaves them with no h"O"pe); Bearlys (Once mighty "D" is no mo); Browns (Even a win over the once mighty Stillers can't get them off the list); Seahawks (Can't Holmgren come back?); Panthers (And with their first round draft pick, the Panthers choose QB...)

The Ugly: Randy Moss (WAAAAAAHHHH! :-); Cards (Go from good to ugly in one week with 7 turnovers...yuck!); Lambs (First string, third sting...it doesn't matter); Stillers (Can it get any worse? One wouldn't think so); Lions (...And back to ugly); Yuccaneers (Morris is not a cool cat...and he's on the hot seat); Chefs (Losing to the Bills nets them yet another week as bottom feeders)

The What-A-Difference-A-Bingo-Caller-Has-Made-In-Our-Offense Award -- Sherm Lewis (Redskins)

Super Bowl: Saints vs. Chargers

NFC Chumpionship: (Take your pick) -- Lambs vs. Yuccaneers, Lions vs Panthers (Kitty Litter Bowl)


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